Dedicated Servers

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Quality servers from CaribbeanWire get's interested, with exceptional speed and no downtime thanks to our dedicated team of maintenance providers. Choose your ideal options for storage, bandwidth and other key features then choose your payment method and your server will be just minutes away.Servers Description

  • 1x400GB SSD Intel S3610 Storage
  • 200Mbit/s Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Ram 8GB Hynix UDIMM 1600MHz
  • Cpu Intel Xeon E3-1270L v4 4c/8t 3.30-3.60 GHz
  • Root Access / SSH Access
  • 1x480GB SSD Intel S3610 Storage
  • 300Mbit/s Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Ram 16GB DDR4 2133MHz UDIMM
  • Cpu Intel Xeon E3-1260Lv5 4c/8t 2.9-3.9 GHz
  • Root Access / SSH Access
  • 2x480GB SSD Intel S3520 Storage
  • 500Mbit/s Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Ram 2 x 16GB (32GB) DDR4 2133MHz UDIMM
  • Cpu Intel Single Xeon E5-2640v3 8c/16t 2.6-3.4GHz
  • Root Access / SSH Access
  • 1 x 960GB SSD Micron 5100 Storage
  • 500Mbit/s Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Ram 4 x 16GB (64GB) Samsung DDR3 RDIMM 1600MHz
  • Cpu Intel Single Xeon E5-2650v2 8c/16t 2.2-3.0GHz
  • Root Access / SSH Access
  • 2x800GB SSD Intel S3710 Storage
  • 1000Mbit/s Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Ram 8 x 16GB (128GB) Hynix DDR4 RDIMM 2133MHz
  • Cpu Intel Single Xeon E5-2678v3 12c/24t 2.5-3.1GHz
  • Root Access / SSH Access
  • 2 x 960GB SSD Micron 5100 PRO Storage
  • 1000Mbit/s Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Ram 8 x 32GB (256GB) Samsung DDR3 RDIMM 1866MHz
  • Cpu Intel Dual Xeon E5-2650v2 16c/32t 2.2-3.0GHz
  • Root Access / SSH Access

Why Choose CaribbeanWire Dedicated Servers

Network Uptime

CaribbeanWire is committed to providing continuous, 100% network uptime guarantee. With optimal equipment and a knowledgeable team

Great Support

when there is an issue, our support team is here to answer questions and troubleshoot for you. Use our email, chat or free service line to reach our team quickly.

No Hidden Fees

Your final cost is itemized and complete before your first payment is due. Access your account billing through our easy customer dashboard to see each charge.

Our Services What We Do

Linux Auto-Deploy

This lets you minimize costs by reducing manual operations, helps ensure compliance across the data center, standardizes your software infrastructure and accelerates deployments for your bare-metal.

Supermicros Chassis

Be Confident with Supermicro's Application-Optimized Chassis Solutions, System Level Optimized Solutions with full range of Rackmount. Optimized thermal design with better cooling performance and less power consumption.

Unmetered Bandwidth Only

Unlike other dedicated servers, ours come with unmetered bandwidth which means you will never be hit with unexpected fees. If your website have boosted higher than normal volumes of traffic, we've got you covered.

Low Latency In USA & Europe & Asia

A lower latency network connection is one that experiences very small delay times. Latency is the amount of time a message takes to traverse a computer network It is typically measured in milliseconds.

FREE Setup

Our FREE setup of our dedicated servers ensures you can have your website up and running quickly without adjustments to your budget. We provide you with are stable connectivity for any application you may be running.

Redundant UPS Backup Units

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS), also known as a battery backup, provides backup power when your regular power source fails or voltage drops to an unacceptable level.

Get Started with an affordable Dedicated Server Hosting CaribbeanWire makes it fast, cost-effective and easy to begin using your server. For the best in reliable dedicated servers rental, contact CaribbeanWire today.

Our Faq Frequently Asked Questions

A hosting control panel is a tool that helps manage your hosting account and is especially useful for non-tech savvy users.

Currently, we offer two control panel options:
1) cPanel/WHM (Solo) ($18.00) - available only with the operating systems CentOS or CloudLinux OS.

2) Vesta CP (Free) - available with the operating system CentOS & Ubuntu 18. Please note that only User-Responsible Server Management applies.