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Within cPanel you have the ability to generate different types of backup. When you have a backup file, you will need to know what type of backup it is so you can know what is saved inside. Below are examples of the format for the various backup file names along with descriptions to help you determine the contents of a backup.

Full cPanel Backup


This is the format of a full backup file. It includes your home directory, including addon domains and subdomains, databases, email accounts and filters.

Home Directory Backup

This is the format of a home directory backup file. It includes all of the files in your home directory that you own as well as files that you do not own but have access to.

MySQL Backup


This is the format of a MySQL backup file. It only includes the data of a single database.

Email Forwarders Backup

This is the format of an Email Forwarders backup file. It includes all forwarders you've created in cPanel.

Email Filters Backup


This is the format of an Email Filters backup file. It includes all account-level and user-level filters you've created in cPanel.

  • Email accounts are included in the full cPanel back-up.
  • Microsoft 365 and G Suite are not managed in the cPanel.
If you have generated a full backup and are trying to restore your account with it or need more assistance, please reach out to CaribbeanWire 24/7 via phone or Live Chat and we'll be happy to assist.
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